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Should you upgrade your network infrastructure ASAP


Should you upgrade your network infrastructure ASAP

Although you might not have realised up until now, your network infrastructure might not be performing as it should. Network traffic is rapidly increasing at this time, meaning that your network is quickly having to deal with more than it ever has done in the past. In fact, many businesses have found out that their networks aren’t up to scratch.

So, here are some reasons why you need to make sure that you upgrade your infrastructure as soon as you possibly can:

Network traffic is quickly increasing – and your current infrastructure can’t handle it

As you’ll be aware considering you work in IT, network traffic is something that has been increasing for many years – and, astonishingly, it still is. Traffic is getting bigger every year due to numerous things, but namely the Internet of Things and cloud computing.

When you look at how swiftly network traffic is increasing, it’s truly shocking; by 2019, it’s expected that network traffic will have tripled. Although triple immediately sounds like a dramatic increase, it’s not actually that surprising when you consider the fact that there are so many devices connected to the internet. Also, video streaming services are extremely popular.

Getting back to the point of this, your network will never have handled so much pressure, and you don’t have the time to make little changes of improvement; an entire overhaul looks as though it could be necessary.

If you aren’t sure that your network can handle the huge increase, do something about it; upgrade your network infrastructure as soon as you have the opportunity to avoid any big issues.

Your network is significantly slower than it should be – and it feels like it’s only getting slower

Even though it might seem like your current network can handle the amount of traffic you receive seamlessly, an old network is unlikely to be able to support the masses of technology that are being used at the moment. Perhaps inevitably with all the technology available to us, the demand for quicker speeds has never been bigger than it is now.

As you’re no doubt aware, wireless technology means that we can work anywhere, anytime, and with amazing speeds. However, older network setups are unable to handle these masses of traffic, and the speeds of traditional network setups are simply too slow to meet the demands of a 21st century audience. Essentially what this means is that you need to consider an upgrade of your existing technology.

Your network is conspicuously susceptible to modern hackers

Potentially, you don’t consider whether your system could be hacked by shifty individuals on a regular basis, and you can’t be blamed for that. If your system has handled it all before, why would there be a problem currently?

Well, if you’re clued up on everything that’s happening in the industry currently you will know that hackers are becoming smarter all the time. They’re more adept than ever at hacking into old systems, and they know exactly who they can target. This means that there is a huge threat to your aged system, and you need to do something about that threat as soon as possible.

To tackle this issue, consider upgrading your current setup as soon as you possibly can, With new switches, routers, and wireless systems, you can challenge the issue head on and stop any attempts to penetrate your currently-vulnerable setup.