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The criticality of a UPS

The criticality of a UPS

The criticality of a UPS

There aren’t many successful businesses that can function well without electricity nowadays. Electricity has become a life line around the world and without electricity our IT Infrastructures would cease to work. So what happens when we have no power?

UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) are electrical apparatus that provide near-instantaneous emergency power when the input power source fails.  An uninterruptible power supply can be a life saviour when the power goes out; it will let you continue to work for a short time and allow you to safely close any open documents and thus allowing you time to properly shutdown the computer and protect businesses information.

A UPS is typically used to protect hardware where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, serious business disruption or data loss; ranging in size from protecting a single computer to entire data centres and office buildings. Power problems can and do occur every day, ranging from spikes and surges of power to complete black outs. UPS’s have a range of different benefits to ensure that data and hardware is secure.

Everyone who owns computer systems such as desktop computers or network file servers should have a backup in the event the power fails or fluctuates. No company can operate when there is a temporary power outage if there is no backup power supply.

So why should you ensure your customers have effective UPS?

Avoid Data Loss: If the power goes out unexpectedly while staff members are in the middle of working on something important there is the potential for significant data loss unless everything has been recently saved. And let’s face it, we don’t save our work as often as we should. With a UPS you will be notified when running on battery power, allowing plenty of time to safely save documents and files and correctly shut down until the main power source comes back.

Reduced Down Time: Businesses and organisations run into chaos if down time occurs through an unexpected loss of power and more importantly, down town can lead to a loss of earning or time wasted due to repeating already done work. The UPS is only a stop gap but can provide around 30 minutes of power with using a PC, to ensure all work is saved and a procedure is put into place if power is expected to be out for a longer period of time.

Additional Equipment Protection: By protecting against random power anomalies, it ensures that equipment that is plugged in to the UPS will be protected from unexpected power surges, voltage spikes and brownouts. A UPS will stabilise signals and maintain a safe voltage level, allowing the UPS to provide safe power levels for the connected equipment without swapping over to battery power.

UPS’s act as a safety barrier for any business and can protect from big data losses and ensure that companies can continue trading efficiently and effectively without missing out on business.

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