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Cyber Essentials

Hacking and Unauthorised Access

With the risk of cyber-attacks, particularly to the business community on the rise, UK organisations need to examine their IT security mechanisms to ensure they are doing their upmost to protect their networks, computers, programs and data from attacks, hacking and unauthorised access.

To help measure how effective a networks IT security is at mitigating the risk from cyber threats, the Government has created an assurance framework which offers businesses a certification for demonstrating to others they have taken steps to secure their IT infrastructure.

Identifying Vulnerabilities to Attack

The scheme known as Cyber Essentials is focused on identifying vulnerabilities to attack, negating the risk of such attacks and limiting the damage caused in the event of a cyber security breach.

To add to business credibility, more and more organisations are requesting Cyber Essentials certification which we’re able to help them achieve.

Government Contract Bidding

With the Government mandate to reduce cyber security risks in their supply chain, helping your customer achieve certification can help them develop public sector business.

Government Grade Certification

Highlight your business as a protection pioneer by showcasing your customers’ security credibility.