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Power Loss Protection

We understand that protecting a network involves more than the perfect security solution for stopping cyber-attacks. Additional consideration needs to be placed to threats to your power supply should it fail without notice.

No matter the size of the operation, from multinational enterprises to a small home office, important business data needs protecting in a way that ensures safe shutdown procedures can be executed in the wake of power loss in order to avoid irreparable corruption.

As authorised distributors of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems we can help you protect networks from power loss with the provision of power management options suited to any market.


  • Authorised UK Distributor
  • Single Phase UPS Power Protection
  • High Specification 450VA – 10,000VA
  • 80 Years’ Experience, 1000 Installs, 5 Continents
  • Small Office, Home Office and SMB Application

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Power Supply Audit

We can help you start customer conversations about best practice power protection.