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Square Care Contracts

Sometimes it’s not as easy as turning it off and on again. Every so often a piece of equipment will fail to respond and depending on the terms of your vendor warranty and the type of hardware that’s affected, it could take the manufacturer weeks or even months to process a fix or replacement.

To minimise downtime, we can supply you with our own Square Care contracts which run in conjunction with a standard manufacturer’s warranty for additional peace of mind.

Our Square Care maintenance contracts already support over £50M worth of multi-vendor products with SLA agreements available to suit all operational needs.

Help Desk Support

Every Square Care agreement provides access to a dedicated technical help desk, who after diagnosis can initiate an express hardware replacement or escalate to an on-site engineering visit, depending on SLA.

When reliance on a network is critical for business, risk needs to be taken out of the equation.

Customer Care

Supporting your customers’ new hardware with additional maintenance protection showcases your customer care values while eliminating future risk.

Square Care

Provide your customers with extra peace of mind by offering a Square Care maintenance contract – the best way to cover any hardware failure eventuality.