New UPS Vendor Enters UK Marketplace - Square 1 Products

New UPS Vendor Enters UK Marketplace

New UPS Vendor Enters UK Marketplace

New UPS Vendor Enters UK Marketplace

Square 1 Products are delighted to announce our appointment as UK distributor of single phase UPS solutions for Italian power electronics brand Borri. Borri manufacture a sophisticated selection of UPS systems, which are designed to meet the most challenging of home and industry environments. Borri UPS systems deliver superior resilience and can be used with a variety of devices requiring power protection, whether single phase or 3 phase.

Square 1 Products are a market leading distributor of IT and networking products. Developing and distributing network solutions for over 25 years, Square 1 Products have partnered with Borri to develop the distribution of single phase UPS products to UK resellers targeting the SME market.

Simon Cummings, Director of Business Development at Square 1 Products, commented “As a highly recognised leader of UPS excellence across continental Europe, Borri is already a proven and established brand which is actively sought after by our European neighbours. Square 1 Products are excited by the opportunity presented in being the UK distributor for Borri’s single phase range of UPS’s, and are confident our customers will see the benefits in the quality and price point of the Borri range against some of the more established brands”.

Square 1 Products strength lies in their ability to provide the best product solution to match the exact requirements of each client’s project. With the development of the Borri relationship, Square 1 Products portfolio cements their capability to provide a truly varied vendor offering.

There are already very strongly established UPS brands dominating the UK market and have done so for over a decade; however this dominance can create complacency and inflated prices. New entrants into the market re-establishes healthy competition, especially if those new brands are already proven to be a comparable alternative. Square 1 Products can provide full datasheet specifications and warranty agreement information on multiple UPS brands on a like for like basis, enabling resellers to see for themselves the features, benefits and price advantage the Borri range of single phase UPS can provide.

To request specification or warranty information please contact Simon Cummings on 01925 530 111 or email