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New SOHO UPS reaches UK market

New SOHO UPS reaches UK market

New SOHO UPS reaches UK market

We’re working to introduce new products all the time and our newest UPS (uninterrupted power supply) products are created by Borri. The new products are very flexible, appropriate for use in a range of places and scenarios. The first of 3 UPS single phase products from Borri is Giotto for your small office, home office, computers and peripherals. This particular UPS is user-friendly and ‘basic’ in that it’s easy to understand how the product would be used.

This UPS ensures compact protection for a range of needs:

– Optimum power protection for your PC from 450 to 850 VA with one output receptacle (IEC 320-C13) and a singular Schuko.

– Advanced power protection from 1000 to 2000 VA with four output receptacles (IEC 320-C13) and one Schuko for PCs that require significantly more power (high performance PCs) and peripherals.

This UPS provides instantaneous battery back-up power and electrical interference protection so that in an unfortunate situation where electricity is lost, your computers and peripherals won’t be affected. As previously mentioned, this is extremely easy to set up for a first-time user, so perfect for somebody both with and without experience with a UPS.

Giotto is noise-free so that you almost end up forgetting you have it in your office, resulting in no distraction from your work whatsoever. Not only is it noise-free but it is also compact so it can fit anywhere without causing disruption.

This UPS is energy efficient which ensures it won’t have a noticeable drain on electricity, resulting in the lowest impact on your costs. This makes it perfect for a cost-effective office where you don’t need any additional strain on your resources.

A high-quality LCD display provides you key information you must know such as UPS status and power information. If you ever require this information, it is prominently displayed on the device.

If anything ever did go wrong, Giotto comes with an alarm that alerts you upon utility power and UPS status change. This means you will never be taken by surprise. As this comes with a battery, it’s important that this battery is easy for you to change. With Giotto, the battery is easy for any user to replace.

Exceptional AVR technology is included which stabilises output voltage, therefore protecting your electronics over a wide range of mains quality issues. Advanced battery management extends the battery life so that you don’t have the worry that the battery of your UPS might fail.

The Giotto comes with included internet modem/LAN protection via an RJ-11/45 plug so that you really have nothing to worry about when it comes to protecting your internet modem.

The UPS has a USB communication port which provides UPS managements. You can cold start with the Giotto when mains are not available to power your personal computer or peripherals.

If you’re looking for some extra help with your new UPS, Borri power guardian user-friendly UPS management software is available free with this device, downloadable online with details included with your device.

If you require any further information about the Giotto UPS 450VA – 2000VA we have experts in the field on hand for further technical advice. If you require a site visit, we’re able to come and assess what your customer needs to make sure that the right UPS is purchased and we even offer an installation service.

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