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The All New Global Price List Search Engine

The All New Global Price List Search Engine

The All New Global Price List Search Engine

We’ve recently launched our exciting new website,, a specialised search engine for finding all the vendor prices of hardware such as servers, switches, SFPs and routers. Whilst you can already do this using various methods, brings all the vendor’s retail prices together. Whether you’re looking for a part from industry leaders such as Cisco, Fortinet or Juniper, you’ll find all of the prices here. There’s numerous benefits to using

All the vendors, all the prices, one roof

With IT becoming consistently more important and prevalent day upon day, you’re undoubtedly a busy IT professional if you’re looking for parts. Whilst you can easily find prices on the websites of the vendors, this takes time. If you have many parts that you need across an extended range of vendors, this can take up a lot of time. With, you can not only find all major vendor products that you need in one place but you also have the prices without having the hassle and waste of time searching. This makes it an excellent resource for IT professionals who quickly need GPL prices for whatever reason.

If you’re an IT reseller who’s required to demonstrate the retail price against the discounted price to your customers, this is the perfect tool for collecting the prices swiftly. You can also use the website to quickly find the actual market price to compare it against what other suppliers are offering you. With our up-to- date prices, this will help you find out whether you’re going to be getting a good deal.

Prices constantly updated for accuracy

As an IT professional, you’ll be aware of the regularity of changing vendor list prices. Prices last time you searched may be different when you’re ready to submit your prices to your customer. Since you’re inevitably busy, we’ve done all the hard work for you, enabling a quick search on to provide an easy and quick point of reference. is continually updated by our team so that our website always displays the current list price. This means that when you need to double check the prices, you can once again just come straight to our website to find out the up-up-to-date prices.

Discontinued parts don’t disappear

When parts become end-of-life ad discontinued by the manufacturers, vendors will often make those prices unavailable. This can be frustrating when you know that the part is still available, just not still produced.

With, we keep the parts and prices listed so that you can still easily find them. Despite the part being end-of-life, this means that you can still find all the details required as the part will still be available until it is sold out.

Get a discount from us

Whilst our new website gives you all the GPL of the vendors, nobody wants to pay the list price. As it’s our website, we’ve also included a fantastic feature that can get you a substantial discount on the list price for exactly the same product!

Using the ‘Price Enquiry’ button, you can come through to the Square 1 Products website which will then give you the option to request a quote. This means that you can get a quote from us using the website, giving you a huge saving.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon and hope that you find the new website useful. Need any assistance placing a quote?  Please contact us on +44 (0)1925 530 111 to speak to one of our friendly staff.

Ready to start saving?

Gain a substantial discount on the list price for exactly the same product!