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IT Management Trends becoming popular in 2018


IT Management Trends becoming popular in 2018

Without even realising, most businesses are centred around their IT infrastructure. No matter what industry you’re in, it is often your inhouse IT team that must figure out how to deal with the big technological changes coming to your business.

It’s important for businesses to know that there’s more to IT than making sure that everything remains ‘live’. This inevitably means that money needs to be spent in the department to keep the business running and remain on the forefront of modern technology.

With the increasing importance of IT in the business, what do current trends suggest where IT budgets will be spent this financial year?

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration was the buzz word of 2017, but it’s here to stay. Cloud computing is allowing businesses to create a secure centralised data store, allowing staff to access information from anywhere in the world.

Migration to the cloud makes sense from a financial perspective, as it decreases the hardware and personnel costs associated with in-house hosting and servers. It also makes sense from a productivity perspective, as employees can communicate and access files from anywhere instead of just in the office.

Smaller companies, especially, will see growth in cloud spending compared to larger and midsize organizations, but this cost will provide a large investment to the infrastructure of the business.

Cyber Security

The importance of protecting your data with cyber security shouldn’t come as a shock to most people. As more and more networks will be cloud-based, companies should presume that hackers are actively seeking out our data, no matter what time of the day, hackers don’t sleep!

All businesses will have to deal with the potential threats from cyber attacks and use their IT security to focus on deceiving intruders, predicting vulnerabilities and predicting security events.

Steadily growing IT budgets

With businesses looking in the direction of having everything in digital format, it is important to have the correct IT infrastructure and team in place to deal with all eventualities.

Recently in the industry it has been noted that organisations and businesses seem to recognize the needs of IT and are reporting higher budget allocations for technology departments. With the growing use of more complex technologies and the increasing concern with cyber security, your company is going to need more highly skilled tech workers of all kinds to help manipulate and integrate new tools.

What can you do now to prepare for the future?

Now that you know what’s coming up in the new year, go out there and get ready for it!

Identify areas where your team could benefit from development and begin to look into the benefits of tools such as cloud migration. Start thinking now about where your security vulnerabilities are and how you can patch or eliminate them.

It is important for your business to be on top of trends and monitoring their success, rather than trailing behind your competitors.

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