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Inspired to Support

Inspired to Support

Inspired to Support

Square 1 Products is incredibly proud to be supporting the MS Society over the next year. The MS Society is an exceptional charity that can help and support those who have been affected by the condition.

MS, Multiple Sclerosis, is a lifelong condition which can affect the brain and/or spinal cord, causing a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance. It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 people diagnosed with MS in the UK.

The MS Society is a minimum cost charity, meaning that every penny they receive can make a huge difference to the number of people the charity can support and invest into research. The charity relies on the generous support from people and businesses to continue running.

The MS Society is a charity Square 1 Products has first-hand experience with as we currently support colleagues with the illness. Square 1 Products support for the MS Society goes far beyond corporate responsibility; MS is an illness that has touched all our team and we want to show our support for this hard working charity.

Over the next year Square 1 Products will be hosting internal events and incentives to help raise funds for the charity and raise awareness of the hard work the volunteers and staff put in every day to support people living through the highs and lows of such a difficult condition.

We will be doing all we can to support the MS Society throughout 2017 and beyond, until everybody living with the condition is correctly supported, or better yet, free of the effects of MS. Together, we can be strong enough to stop MS.

If you have any great fundraising ideas or activities our team could participate in we’d love to hear from you, as we do what we can to support the MS Society.