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Hyper-convergence: The story so far…

Hyper-convergence: The story so far…

Hyper-convergence: The story so far…

One big question many businesses are asking is will 2017 be the year of hyper-convergence for my business? The term hyper-convergence has slowly crept into business infrastructures and has altered the way in which people and in particular large businesses store information. So far in 2017 we seem to have taken a big leap into hyper-convergence and made significant changes in the way business use and store data.

Hyper-convergence is a type of infrastructure that allows businesses and conglomerates to structure how they store their information; enable cloud-like economics and storage combined with traditional data centre storage. Hyper-convergence seeks to collapse compute, storage and networking into a single SKU and provide a unified management layer. Whilst also using the benefits of software-defined storage; the focus is on data control and management.

Since hyper-convergence conception it has begun to make a real impact on businesses and is in increasingly taking off with small businesses as we progress into 2017. So how can hyper-convergence help your business?


Hyper-convergence is a scalable approach that allows businesses IT infrastructures to expand by adding units as and when necessary. Unlike integrated systems products, which often require large investments, hyper-converged solutions have a much more affordable and reachable step as and when a business requires expansion. These small steps of hyper-convergence allows business the chance to fully utilize new resources added through the expansion rather than investing in a system and not using it to its full potential.


Hyper-convergence makes it easy to scale out/ in resources as required by business demands and agility is important in modern IT and modern business. Businesses expect IT platforms to be agile and fit to any problem that arises internally. In a hyper-converged world, all resources in all physical data centres reside under a single administrative umbrella. Workload migration in such environments is simple, particularly in a solution that enables consistent deduplication as a core part of its offering. Reduced data is far easier to work with than fully expanded data and helps IT get things done faster.

Simplicity and the streamlined:

From computers to mobiles, almost everything is connected and generating data. Many businesses are left wondering how they can manage their data efficiently and create a simple, scalable business structure without an IT department. One of the promises of a hyper-converged infrastructure is the simplification of data storage, making it easier for businesses to efficiently and easily support the entire working environment. Hyper-convergence has been specifically built for easy deployment and to be managed by IT administrators who want to spend more time focused on business needs and applications, rather than troubleshooting infrastructure and hardware issues.

A hyper-converged system allows the integrated technologies to be managed as a single system through a common toolset. Hyper-converged systems can be created to suit an organisation and are designed to grow with their needs, meaning that they are more flexible than many other data storage possibilities. Investing in a flexible yet manageable data storage solution will help the productivity of a business, as staff are free to get on with their roles without facing technology pains and challenges.

What can Hyper-convergence do for you?

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