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How to shielding your business from alarming hacks


How to shielding your business from alarming hacks

If you keep up with cyber security news, you will have heard about a variety of disturbing hacks targeting businesses worldwide. Even a business such as the NHS is not safe from hackers looking to exploit the exploitable.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that in an always online world, we are all vulnerable to attacks from individuals and groups looking to make some money. If you allow yourself and your business to sit still without developing your defences, it will not be too long until ransomware finds a way into your system.

Evolving your cyber defences is important when it comes to shielding your business from the alarming hacks that have plagued other companies. Although you cannot guarantee that your business won’t be targeted, there are steps you can take to best protect your business. Here are a few examples of what your business can do to stay safe and secure.

Update software immediately

Software is being updated on a regular basis, and often it is being updated due to updates in security. If a software developer notices potential exploits in their software, regularly they will update their software to remove the exploit.

Alas, hackers are always on the ball and are aware that plenty of users do not update software as soon as updates become available. Therefore, they develop dangerous hacks that will target users that have not updated a particular piece of software. This can leave you in a horrible position.

The key message here is update everything as soon as updates become available!

Reduce the number of people that can access sensitive data

If you have 20 people that can access sensitive data, the chances of a volatile hack filtering into your system is higher than if only 3 people had access. This point is scalable, of course; 500 people having access is more dangerous than 50 having access to said data.

In basic terms, ensuring that sensitive data is only available to those who need it is necessary. Putting this security measure in place isn’t a sign that you distrust certain employees; this security measure is as much about protecting them as it is about protecting your business as a whole.

Educate your employees on cyber security

Some of your staff will understand the importance of cyber security, while others may not. If your employees are not aware of how crucial cyber security is, they cannot be relied upon to protect themselves in an online world.

To ensure that your employees are diligent when it comes to cyber security, you need to put educational activities and policies in place for them to follow. If your employees have the opportunity to learn about cyber security, the chance of your business being hacked will decrease.

Create an online security policy

A formal security policy could be the difference between your business losing all its data and assets and your business remaining shielded from hacks. Distressingly, the majority of businesses do not have a formal security policy in place. Ultimately, this means your business has no backbone when it comes to staying safe online at all times.

Once a security policy has been created by your business, it is important that the policy doesn’t get filed in a dark, unnoticed, forgotten drawer. This policy needs to be used business-wide to ensure that all employees are staying safe online. In addition, it needs to be dynamic. The online world is changing all the time, so your policy needs to be in a state of flux too; ready to change whenever the online world demands it.

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