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Everything about aaS (as a service) has changed


Everything about aaS (as a service) has changed

aaS (as a service) is a subset of cloud computing and refers to something being made available to a customer as a service. Everything as a service, abbreviated to EaaS or XaaS is a concept of being able to call up re-usable, fine-grained software components across a network.

Since software as a service (SaaS) hit the world in 2001, the ‘as a service’ model has been extended to just about everything you can think of. Along the way, the definition has become a little muddied. It used to be that aaS meant something delivered on a subscription basis via the cloud, without a physical component. Hence software delivered to your computer continually via the Internet rather than a program you purchased for a one-time fee and installed from a disc.

These days though, aaS can mean just about anything delivered by subscription or even just a plain old outsourced service, whether the cloud is involved or not. Some aaS models are an industry category and some are proprietary to a single company.

So how is aaS changing?

In the aaS rabbit hole, we’ve moved far beyond software and data delivery. It seems as if aaS is becoming a preferred method of moving through life. aaS has progressed to XaaS and is changing how businesses are operating and running on a daily basis.

XaaS has interrupted the business landscape we were used to. In fact, the global XaaS market will grow at compounded annual growth rate of nearly 40% from 2016 to 2020, with services ranging from storage to online deliveries. XaaS is becoming a mind-set for many businesses as much as it is a strategy.

XaaS is keeping up to the fast moving society that many of us are now used to. Consumers expect information and amenities to be available now and XaaS allows businesses to keep up with current demand.

Why is XaaS so popular?

Mobility is key

As todays digital era society is moving further towards a mobile-first, cloud-focused environment with business users following suit. Keeping everything in the cloud where it is accessible and up-to-date 24/7 for anyone who wants to access it. In doing so, they allow contingent and remote workers to work efficiently without sacrificing security or quality of work.


Flexibility and agility are must-haves for any company’s digital transformation. Legacy systems simply can’t change fast enough to keep up with the changes currently facing the modern business world. Just like consumers want increasingly personalized services, businesses do, too. XaaS allows companies to change on demand, as they see fit — whether that means personalizing a process, choosing an entirely new XaaS vendor, or scaling up or down to fit a changing business season or climate. This is useful for businesses of any size, in any industry.