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Does your business need hyper-convergence


Does your business need hyper-convergence

Hyper-convergence is a framework that successfully combines data storage, computing and networking into a single system. Hyper-convergence allows businesses and conglomerates to structure how they store and use their information. It is a way to enable cloud-like economics and scale without compromising the performance, reliability and availability you expect in a data centre.

Hyper-convergence seeks to collapse compute, storage, and networking into a single SKU and provide a unified management layer. Whilst also using the benefits of software-defined storage; the focus is on data control and management. Hyper-converged systems can be created to suit any organisation and are designed to grow with their needs, meaning that they are more flexible than many other data storage possibilities. Investing in a flexible yet manageable data storage will help the productivity of your business, as staff are free to get on with their roles without facing technology pains and challenges.

To say that hyper-convergence wasn’t around a few years, ago it has made a huge impact on the way businesses now operate.

What to look for in a hyperconverged set up?


A good hyper-convergence set up will allow your business to scale up or down resources as the business requires. Part of being agile is being able to move workloads as necessary. In a hyper-converged world, all resources reside under a single administrative umbrella. Workload migration in such is simple, particularly in a solution that enables consistent deduplication as a core part of its offering. Reduced data is far easier to work with than fully expanded data and helps IT get things done faster.


Hyper-convergence is a scalable approach that allows smaller businesses IT infrastructure to expand by adding units as and when necessary. Unlike integrated systems products, which often require large investments, hyper-converged solutions have a much more affordable and reachable step as and when a business requires expansion. These small steps of hyper-convergence allow businesses the chance to fully utilize new resources added through the expansion rather than investing in a system and not using it to its full potential.


From computers to mobiles, almost everything is connected and generating data. Many small businesses are left wondering how they can manage their data efficiently and create a simple, scalable business structures without an IT department. One of the promises of a hyperconverged infrastructure is the simplification of data storage, making it easier for smaller businesses to efficiently and easily support the entire working environment. Hyper-convergence has been specifically built for easy deployment and to be managed by IT administrators who want to spend more time focused on business needs and applications, rather than troubleshooting infrastructure and hardware issues.

Before converting to a cloud service provider or a hyper-convergence setup, it is important to know what your business’s specific goals are. You need to make sure that the setup you are planning will exceed the expectations of the business and hopefully increase productivity tools.