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Is Cloud storage as popular as predicted?


Is Cloud storage as popular as predicted?

Over the past 10 years, cloud computing has become a popular data storage solution for both personal and business use. People are now consuming more and more data than ever before, and with the enormous amount of data being devoured, it has to be stored somewhere for people to access it.

Cloud computing has become an indispensable part for many businesses, no matter what their size or scale they operate at. Many companies rely on cloud computing to fulfil a variety of IT-related needs without having to fork out for more complicated IT setups. So, more than 10 years after cloud storage first launched, is it as popular as first predicted?

Cloud storage popularity

Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular every year, but has possibly not been taken up as quickly by SME’s as some people within the tech industry would have expected.

One of the main reasons SME’s haven’t moved to cloud storage is down to a lack of knowledge and information of the security of cloud storage. Some business owners may believe that cloud storage is just another marketing gimmick from tech corporations looking to capitalize on the next big thing, rather than focus on benefits it provides to businesses.

Many businesses are often too scared to take the leap to cloud storage as they simple don’t know how to do it. As much as they think it is a good investment and may help to develop their business and how it operates, they have no internal IT team to transition the process.

As the process to cloud storage become simpler to use and understand more and more businesses have made the move to cloud storage. The more cloud storage mirrors traditional data stores people are used to the more people are making the transition.

Predictions: The future of cloud storage


The freedom to access information or data anywhere will become significantly more important. Whether staff need to access information whilst visiting a client or whilst working from a different location, mobility will become a standard.

Cloud storage will be utilized to have an extravagant impact, alongside cutting-edge Ultra-book devices, which are light and fast, alongside having standard PC level of output and sufficient amounts of data protection and security.

Increased budget

As an increasingly popular way to store and share data between colleagues, an increase on cloud storage budgets will be expected. In the future cloud storage will be a norm across many businesses and in order for businesses to stay up to date with technologies, they will set aside more budget.

In the next couple of years, the growth of cloud storage is meant to persist, with growth speeding up in the near future until everybody is using it. Data shows that within the next 3 years, nearly a third of all data will pass through the cloud.

With cloud storage offering unlimited space to anybody or any business willing to pay for the cloud space, it’s certainly the best option for storing data and backing up data.