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Cloud Computing trends for 2019


Cloud Computing trends for 2019

Since the late noughties cloud computing has increasingly grown in popularity over the last decade. Cloud computing is considerably growing in popularity and new trends and technologies are popping up all the time.

Cloud computing has slowly taken over the way we do things and we’ve changed to cloud-based solutions rather than traditional methods especially when it comes to backing up, storing, and recovering data. Many businesses have taken advantage of the high performance cloud solutions with many more businesses expected to follow suit over the next few years.

So, what can we expect from cloud computing over the next year?

More businesses transitioning to a cloud-based solution:

One of the main reasons many SME’s haven’t already moved to cloud computing solutions is down to a lack of knowledge of cloud solutions and a lack of infrastructure currently in place. Many businesses are moving to cloud based solutions as their current infrastructure doesn’t support the future goals of the business. Many businesses are often too scared to take the leap to cloud storage as they simple don’t know how to do it. As much as they think it is a good investment and may help to develop their business and how it operates, they have no internal IT team to transition the process.
Some business owners in the past believed that cloud storage is just another marketing gimmick from tech corporations looking to capitalize on the next big thing, rather than focus on benefits it provides to businesses.

Increase in security

Security now requires even more attention with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and compliance in the cloud is rather complex. As the cloud grows, it will be necessary that the security measures put in place to secure it grow as well. This could involve development of greater security measures, advanced encryption strategies, and an increased need for personnel to manage these systems.
Enterprises will need to start using built-in controls like identity access management, network security groups, and gateway network firewalls with new computational models like containers and serverless computing.

Focus on Hybrid cloud solutions

In 2019, you can expect a lot more hybrid cloud solutions that will enable businesses to make the transition at their own pace. This will allow them to reduce risk, while accessing efficiency and scalability, cost-effectively. If you have already begun the transition to a cloud-based solution, you’ll already know that it can be highly challenging to make a complete transition to the cloud. As a result, hybrid clouds have become an attractive solution to this problem.

Cloud computing growth continues to accelerate as businesses across all industries are recognising the benefits it brings to their businesses: from easy deployment and scalability to flexibility and cost savings. Still, it is paramount for cloud infrastructures to be complemented with proper security and backup solutions to keep data safe.