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AI Trends Happening Now


AI Trends Happening Now

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are critical for companies looking to extract value from data by automating and optimizing processes or producing actionable insights. Artificial intelligence systems powered by machine learning enable companies to leverage their large amounts of available data to uncover insights and patterns that would be impossible for any one person to tease out.

At present AI is front and centre with businesses as it allows them to deliver more targeted, personalised communications, predict critical care events and identify likely fraudulent transactions. So, what are the artificial intelligence trends we’re expected to see in the near future, if not immediately?

Deep learning

By learning from images, audio, and text, data deep neural networks can mimic the human brain. They have been in use for more than a decade, but there’s a lot still to be discovered and study how a neural network learns and how they can be made effective. Deep learning is getting smarter though, instead of feeding hundreds and thousands of data points, today’s systems can give an accurate output by factoring only a few hundred data points.

Enterprises will operationalise AI

AI is already here, whether we recognise it or not.  Businesses have spent the past few years educating themselves on various AI frameworks and tools, but 2018 sees AI appearing as a mainstream tool for businesses. As enterprises move forward with operationalising AI, they will look for products and tools to automate, manage, and streamline the entire machine learning and deep learning life cycle.

Prescriptive Analytics

This emerging solution category goes beyond insights provided by typical, descriptive analytics that study past events or predictive analytics that forecast future events. Instead, prescriptive analytics goes so far as to the answer the question, “What should be done?” by taking into account a myriad of different factors to optimise the objective or desired outcome.

Businesses will incorporate more prescriptive analytics tools that will recommend actions to optimise business processes, marketing effectiveness, ad targeting, and more.

Capsule Networks

Capsule networks, a new type of deep neural network, process visual information in much the same way as the brain, which means they can maintain hierarchical relationships. This is in stark contrast to convolutional neural networks, one of the most widely used neural networks, which fail to take into account important spatial hierarchies between simple and complex objects, resulting in miss-classification and a high error rate.

Mobile AI

The next generation of smartphones will integrate more AI technology, making these devices smarter and faster than ever. On the iPhone X, AI algorithms are behind the facial recognition system Face ID, the animated emojis Animoji and augmented reality apps.

By understanding language and images, AI will also boost features such as live translations and AI-vision cameras scan the surrounding environment to adjust the phone’s settings accordingly, optimising performance and user experience.

Overall, artificial intelligence is an amazing opportunity for developers in a vast range of industries. The chances of a machine making a mistake is much less than a human making a mistake and so will see the development of AI in multiple fields escalate substantially.