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Aethra: Who are they and what do they do?


Aethra: Who are they and what do they do?

As you’re aware, we’re constantly trying to be innovative and bring you fantastic new technology to help your business progress. One of the new businesses that we’re working with are called Aethra. Chances are as they’re fairly new to the UK, you’ve never heard of Aethra, which is why we’ve written this blog post to tell you a bit more about them and the products that they offer.

Who are they?

Aethra Telecommunications are a business specialising in hardware design, firmware development and engineering. With over 40 years of experience, they’ve cemented their position as industry leaders in specialist areas. Currently a team of over 75 professionals, they’ve now sold over 6,000,000 ISDN NTs.

Who do they work with?

Aethra work with a huge range of businesses with the primary aim of creating better solutions for their customer time after time. Here’s just some of the businesses that they work with:

  • Telecom Italia: An Italian telecommunications company founded in 1994, headquartered in Rome. They provide a wide range of services including telephony services, mobile services, and DSL data services.
  • Fastweb: Italian telecommunications company that provide landline, broadband internet and digital television services. They’re on of the prominent companies in Italy that provide FTTH connections. Fastweb are owned by the Swiss telecommunication company Swisscom.
  • BT Italia: The representative of the global business, BT, in Italy. They are the second largest telecommunication operator in the Italian market, controlling an 11% share.

What routers do they supply?

Aethra supply a wide range of routers, all with different qualities that make them advantageous in different situations. Here’s some information on the most popular routers that they supply:

  • SV6044E Series: Factory modular access router with integrated voice gateway for small enterprise and branch offices. This router series has a new look, demonstrating the fact that it is the first of the next generation of routers. This new look is attractive, especially in comparison to previous generations. Design on this router began late 2012 to satisfy the needs of Fastweb for a modular high-end IAD. The SV6044E series are the flagship routers for Aethra. They have integrated analog and ISDN voice ports. Since the launch, over 20,000 units have been installed.
  • BG Series: Once again for small and medium business and branch offices, BG series routers and IADs have many qualities. Features include data only or integrated voice gateway with analog only or mixed ISDN and analog ports, mobile and hybrid fixed-mobile access with 3G/LTE and WiFi single or dual radio with 802.11ac. Since the launch of this BG1220, one of the routers from the series, hundreds of thousands of the series have been installed.
  • AS Series: The AS series consists of routers for small and medium businesses and branch offices. Born to offer cost-effective EFP SHDSL.bis routers, the AS Series is the best option for a business where cost-effectiveness is necessary. The software is constantly and consistently improved to provide the best service in terms of functionality as improvements arise.

If you require any further information about the any Aethra products, we have experts on hand for further technical advice. Why not get in touch with us today using either +44 (0)1925 530111 or to see how we can help you.