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5G: What You Need to Know


5G: What You Need to Know

5G is finally arriving for everyone to use, with a flurry of news in the last few days and weeks the arrival of the first UK 5G network is going live on the 3rd July.

With 5G network and phones available in little under two months to companies, we’ve put together a quick guide containing all the essential information you need to know about 5G.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile networks. 5G will be a massive upgrade on the current best, 4G, in terms of speed and reliability.

5G will boast incredible speeds, but it won’t sacrifice reliability to achieve impressive connection speed. In fact, 5G should be more reliable than 4G despite the fact that it is significantly faster.

The arrival of 5G has been eagerly anticipated for many years, with the initial research and development beginning many years ago. Since April 2019, 5G has been widely rolled out to 6 major cities in South Korea. Now, it won’t be too long until businesses in the UK get an opportunity to enjoy this technology.

5G: Initial Coverage

When the 4th generation of mobile networks were initially launched, UK coverage wasn’t ideal. As with the 4th generation, the 5th generation of mobile networks will initially come to a small selection of cities in the UK.

This coverage is just the beginning, of course. Eventually, 5G coverage will encompass virtually the entirety of the UK. If you are not within the select group of cities where 5G will be initially rolled out, there is currently no definite timeline confirming when your business will have access to superfast 5G speeds.

Current estimations by analysts predict that widespread 5G coverage will be unlikely until 2022 in the UK.

Smarter, quicker connection and integration

5G networks have been made possible by massive investment in infrastructure and research. All network providers have done their part to bring 5G to the table for firms across the UK. Alongside faster speeds, what else will 5G provide?

It has been predicted by tech industry analysts that 5G will only push the increase in Internet of Things technology to rise even faster. It will provide the infrastructure that is required to carry incredible amounts of data, meaning smarter and quicker connection and integration.

Many businesses have embraced Internet of Things technology in a variety of ways. The integration of IoT technology will only be made easier by the infrastructure provided by 5G, possibly encouraging more corporations to make use of the software and hardware available to them.

Need to Know Statistics

The arrival of 5G is going to allow us to do everything that we do now with our phones, laptops, and other internet-connected devices much quicker.

5G is predicted to offer speeds in excess of 1Gb/s, which means downloading software essential to your business will take mere seconds. On the current best speeds provided by 4G, downloading a large file can take minutes if not longer.

In the office, you can expect video meetings with software such as Skype to be better than they currently are. Despite technology advancements in the last few years, video calls can still be a chore with bad footage and audio transmission. 5G will increase the quality of video calls, making those dreaded video meetings much more bearable.