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4 Ways to Stay Hack-Proof

4 Ways to Stay Hack-Proof

4 Ways to Stay Hack-Proof

In today’s technology driven world, it is critical that your business IT infrastructure is secure. With hack threats and security breaches ruining business reputations, it is important that you make your business as hack proof as possible. Here we explore 4 vital elements to include in your businesses security set-up.


1.Security Layers

To secure your IT network it is important to create a layered security that provides the necessary level of secure defence. Layered security isn’t something new, it’s been floating around the IT world for over 20 years, but this doesn’t make layered security any less relevant; choosing the correct layers, of course, is paramount to the success. Think of defence in depth as being risk mitigation constructs applying multiple layers of control across the length and breadth of your IT environment, and you will pretty much be on the money.

No matter how much security and preparation you put into your business, you cannot guarantee a security breach will not occur, but this will slow down the hackers and help protect your organisation against the possibility of attacks. Investing in a layered approach takes time but is definitely worth the protection it can offer in the long term.


2.Data Encrypting

Data encryption can often be seen as a overkill when it comes to protecting your data, however this isn’t the case. Although encrypting data can be seen as an unnecessary expenditure, it can be the key to securing your businesses information. Identify the data that’s most valuable to your organisation and explore data encryption opportunities. Data that is strongly enough encrypted will be beyond the abilities of most hackers.


3.Web protection

Within your organisation it’s important to control, monitor and enforce web policies. Doing this will empower employees to take responsibilities on what is viewed in the work place. Additionally applying a website URL and content filter will provide an automated back-up resource to safeguard against potential online risks.

Web protection is another essential layer of security, providing a window into controlling, monitoring, and enforcing client web policies through a single front end.


4.Secure Deletion

Removing files securely is important, but unfortunately it’s often the last thing on the mind of otherwise security-savvy folk. When deleting files hitting delete doesn’t remove data securely. It is forensically possible to retrieve data very easily and very quickly.

To securely delete information there are numerous tools on the market that can help, by overwrite drive space with a series of random patterns, making it incredibly difficult to hack.



All too often business revenue’s come first and can incidentally mean the importance of a secure system is overlooked. Your customers want to be sure they are working with businesses that are secure and won’t put any threat to their own business. Make sure your organisation is prepared for any potential cyber hack.

Fortunately, Square 1 Products have recently been working with a number of communities on a new Government initiative called Cyber Essentials. Cyber Essentials is an opportunity for your IT infrastructure to be securely tested from outside penetration, with incentives in place for upgrading IT hardware where it has been identified it is most urgently needed.

For an informal conversation with more detail, contact us about a Cyber Essential security audit today on 01925 530 111 or email enquiries@square1products.com