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3 Steps to Ransomware Protection


3 Steps to Ransomware Protection

If you read, watch or listen to the news, you’ll be aware of the ransomware outbreaks of recent years; attacks by software such as WannaCry, Petya and Bad Rabbit are becoming more common by the day. These attacks can completely shut down your business, and inevitably stop you from operating. In fact, we’ve seen these attacks cause major issues for large firms, airports, and even the government.

Your takeaway from all these events should be that your business isn’t safe from ransomware, especially if you don’t make moves to put defences in place chance anyone decided to target you.

There’s no definite way to keep ransomware out of your system; it adapts all of the time. However, there are methods you can use to make yourself less vulnerable, and therefore make yourself an unlikely target of attacks.

When updates are available, update immediately

To create dangerous hacks designed to penetrate your business, hackers will generally create and practice on older operating systems, browsers and applications. This is because they have time to learn these systems and their weaknesses, which allows them to create the most devastating piece of software to target you. Fortunately, all three of these things – operating systems, browsers and applications – are updated on a regular basis to keep the hackers out and stop them from learning how they work. The downside is, plenty of people at home and work don’t update their systems for a variety of reasons.

When updates become available, ensure that you make use of those updates. Updates are created for a reason, and if you don’t use them you’re leaving your business at risk of ransomware attacks.

Make use of detection software

If your business hasn’t put anything in place to try and protect yourself from these malicious attacks, you’re going to stick out; hackers will know that you’re vulnerable, and they’re going to make use of those vulnerabilities.

There’s plenty of software and technology available for your business that helps you to detect incoming attacks and hopefully prevent them. These defensive systems are designed to detect ransomware and other types of malware, and they are regularly updated to prevent all of the newest dangers from affecting you.

Train your staff to understand ransomware

All it takes is one employee to click a malicious link, download a dangerous file, or open a malware-riddled email to open the doors of your entire business to a cyber-criminal.

The unfortunate thing for most businesses in terms of defending against ransomware is that they have a group of employees who don’t all understand it. If your staff don’t understand ransomware, or steps that they can take to avoid it, this can leave your entire business in a precarious position.

More important than all of the software and technology that you can buy in the world, training your staff is one of the most effective ways that your business can protect itself against ransomware.

If staff understand what ransomware is, what it looks like, and how they can avoid it, it can prevent your business from becoming vulnerable to those who want to attack you.