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3 IoT (Internet of Things) Trends for 2019


3 IoT (Internet of Things) Trends for 2019

IoT, or the ‘Internet of Things’, is a system of Internet computing devices used in everyday objects that have the ability to ‘talk to each other’.

IOT is by no means a new trend – the term was invented in 1999, but it wasn’t until 2010 that its popularity began to rise. By 2014, the concept had reached mass market.

Here at Square 1 Products, we like to keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest news and updates on IOT and how these inventions can benefit us, not only in business, but in our everyday lives.

In today’s article, we look at the top 3 I0T trends for 2019.

Smart Gets Smarter

We are not just talking about smartphones – smart homes and offices will be making a big impact in 2019.

With the likes of Alexa and Siri already taking commanding orders, IOT will be seen in smart devices such as lights and TVs that turn on and off through voice commands, and even doorbells that have the ability for the user to answer their door from their mobile device.

Offices will see similar products, with beacons that help with employee monitoring and scheduling, as well as replacing time sheets and clocking in.

Improvements in CRM Software

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of a Customer Relationship Management system.

Therefore, it is no surprise that IOT technology is being implemented to enhance the CRM experience.

In a recent blog from Salesforce.com, the CRM giant discusses how IOT will benefit systems going forwards:

“Instead of waiting for a device to just stop working, smart products can identify faults, communicate them to technical support and initiate actions to resolve them – from ordering replacement parts to requesting a completely new device. All this can happen before your customer is even aware of the issue.”

This will no doubt help businesses retain a high level of customer service, and improve support time.

On the High Street

Recent years have seen a decline in highstreet shopping, and it is anticipated that half of UK retail sales will be online in 10 years.

With this in mind, retailers will likely be utilising IoT to attract customers to their stores.

We already have self check-out in supermarkets, but 2019 will see us benefiting from a smoother, smarter shopping experience.

Automated checkouts that scan labels as you walk through them, beacons that send alerts to your phone with discounts and promotions upon entering the store, and smart shelves with fitted weight sensors that automatically reorder stock are all set to be implemented in the not-so-distant future.

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