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I go back to Square1 because...

…they find solutions. Being a small IT Reseller we have often found ourselves constrained in terms of the scale of projects we are able to take on, both financially and technically. When a regular customer approached us with an opportunity to supply a large networking solution, we knew we would need support with advanced technical acumen, as well as financial assistance, to meet the project’s demands. It’s fair to say we had a bit of a confidence crisis. Thankfully, some bright spark had the idea to contact Square 1 Products.


A quick conversation with Square 1 assured us that they had the wealth of in-house technical knowledge and expertise to help us fulfil a contract that would usually be way beyond our reach. With the wind back in our sails, we put the ‘small’ mindframe behind us and grasped the opportunity with both hands.

We were able to visit the customer, with Square 1’s technical team at our side, to fully understand the requirements and cost implications for delivering the project. The technical solution was agreed with the customer, prompting many a high-five, but the total cost for the completion of the project was over £200,000, well above our funding limit. Thankfully, after further consultation with the customer, a suitable delivery schedule was agreed, ensuring that we were able to secure the business and resume back slapping. This simply would not have been possible without the full support of Square 1 Products.

To accommodate our funding limitations, it was agreed between all parties that the project would be delivered in four stages. Each Friday over a four week period, 25% of the total requirement was supplied directly to the customer’s site, a team of engineers was then sent in to install the equipment over the weekend. By Monday, the start of a new week of business, the customer was able to release the appropriate payment for the installed kit, which in turn enabled us to have the funds available to purchase the next stage and complete the project on time.


Other than the excellent financial result, Square 1 also opened our eyes to potential deals and partnerships we may have spurned in the past. Through the combined strength of our partnership, we are no longer a small IT Reseller, but an expanding enterprise. When there’s an opportunity, we know we can take it.

To this day, Square 1 Products continue to be our trusted distribution partner, providing us with products, insight and flexible solutions that continue to help us win new business and deliver quality results.


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